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Fire safety

 Many fires can be avoided if one is vigilant and cautious in critical situations. If a fire still breaks out, you can limit it if you know how to do it.

On this page, we have gathered information about what to think in order to prevent fire and advice on how to behave if the accident occurs.

Texts and pictures below are taken from the campaign Active against fire, a collaboration between authorities, the insurance, residential and fire protection industry and the municipal rescue services. You will find the brochure in its entirety herePDF (in Swedish).

Reduce the risk of fire

If something catches fire it usually depends on common things we use at home. Here’s how to reduce the risk of fire at home:

Don’t put things that can start burning near or on the stove. Don’t leave the stove when it’s on. Get a cooker that shuts down the stove.

Ash and coal from fireplaces or grills, you should put in a metal can with lid. Never throw hot ash in the garbage bag.

Never leave candles burning. Turn off the lights before going out of a room. Do not place lighted candles near things that can start to burn.

Do not use electrical appliances with broken cords or connectors.

Do not place electrical radiators too close to things that can catch fire, such as clothes.

In the stairwell, you can’t place things that can catch fire. Such as garbage, newspaper, boxes or strollers. Make sure that the doors to the basement and the attic are locked.

Smoke alarms save lives

Place smoke alarms at home. Smoke alarms alert quickly if something starts burning. Then you can extinguish the fire to get out if necessary. You should have at least one smoke detector on each floor.

The smoke alarm should be placed in the ceiling.

Test the smoke detector every month by pressing the test button.

When the battery in you smoke detector starts to run out, you call us and we will replace it.

Here is a movie, how to test your smoke alarm.

How to use a fire extinguisher

A fire is growing fast an can becom big. But with a fire extinguisher you can try to extinguish a small fire yourself. A powder extinguisher with 6 kilos of powder is the best to have at home. A fire blanket is also good to have. You can put the fire blanket over fire to extinguish it.

Pull out the fuse as shown in the picture.

Aim the hose at the bottom of the fire.

Press down the handle and spray on the fire.

Do the right thing when it is burning and saving lives

1. Save   2. Warn   3. Alert   4. Extinguish
Do it in this order if you see a fire. Sometimes it may be better to do what is needed in another order. If you are more people you can help each other out.

Save and warn others who may be in danger.

Call 112 and alert about the fire. Tell what happened, if someone is injured, where help is needed and who you are that’s calling.

Extinguish the fire if you think you can handle it.  

Extinguish the fire like this

It is important to extinguish the fire properly.

When a fire in a saucepan: put on the lid or a fire blanket to smother the fire. Never use water when it’s burning on the stove because the water causes the fire to spread.

When someone’s clothes are on fire: try to put down the person. Quench the fire with a fire blanket or something similar. Start off at the head and continue down.

When there is a fire in electrical appliances: first pull out the plug. Then quench the fire with a fire blanket or water. With a powder extinguisher you can extinguish directly without pulling out the plug.

Here is a movie on how to extinguish a fire in a saucepan.

Never use water to extinguish a fire in a saucepan.

Confine the fire

First make sure everyone comes out. Close the door to the room or apartment where it is burning. It stops the fire and the smoke from spreading.

If you can’t extinguish the fire you need to get out of the room.

Close the door to the room where the fire is.

Call 112 and alert about the fire.

Never go out into a stairwell filled with smoke

An apartment door can handle about 30 minutes without starting to burn if it burns outside. Never go out into the stairwell if it’s filled with smoke. Do not use the lift when there is a fire.

If there is a fire at someone else’s apartment and there is smoke in the stairwell you should stay in your apartment.

Keep the door closed. Call 112 and alert about the fire.

The rescue service will help you if you cannot get out by yourself.

Home insurance

When you rent an apartment at Vidingehem, you agree to have a valid home insurance throughout the rental period. Home insurance protects you and your possessions. This applies to injuries both in the home and in the basement or attic storage.

A home insurance also covers damage that occurs, for example, in the event of a fire or theft. Remember that Vidingehems insurance covers only damage to the building itself and does not cover your personal property.


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